Therapeutic massage is a term that describes any massage promoting physiological health benefits, relieve pain, fix a problem area or reduce stress in the body. There are several types of therapeutic massage, including the Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, hot stone massage, and more.

One of the best reasons to get a massage is to reduce anxiety. Anxiety and stress can have real physical effects on your body. Muscles can tighten, your skeletal structure can become unaligned, and the circulation of fluids in your body can slow or even stop as a result of high stress or anxiety. This is one reason why you may have heard someone familiar with massage techniques noting that your muscles are rigid or tense in a certain area due to stress. A therapeutic massage can help to loosen those muscles and relieve the stress you have built up. Furthermore, there are studies that suggest that massages can actually help to reduce a person’s proclivity towards stress. In other words, getting regular massages might help you keep from getting stressed in the future.

Massages can also reduce your blood pressure. This is connected to the ways in which it can help reduce your anxiety and stress. In can also reduce your symptoms of depression, lower your heart rate, help the flow of important fluids in your body, and it can even help you sleep better. The general idea behind all of these benefits is the same. Massages can help the body to release chemicals in the brain that make your body more positive and healthy. It also gets rid of tension, build-up, and other negative effects caused by overwork, stress, and anxiety. If these are symptoms you are feeling, you may want to investigate therapeutic massage as a possible solution.